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John "Faro" PiRoman died on March 11, 2014, in his home in Miami. You can read about his achievements and awards as a screenwriter and playwright at this site, which also provides additional links:


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09/07/14 12:23 AM #1    

Penny Trefry (Borgia)

I was looking through profiles wondering who might attend the reunion next week and searched Faro's name.  I was sorry to learn that he died this year.

Faro was with a group of us on graduation night.  We were all over Jacksonville - I remember the beach and Dunkin Doughnut in the early morning - I stole a pink napkin holder that I used in my dorm room and  college apartments as a memento.  I had as much fun with him that night as I have ever had with anyone anywhere.  The crowd thinned out as the night progressed, but a few of us were together until morning.

I have thought of him often over the years,  but we were never in touch after that night.  I thought his parents were going to make him go to med school - we all knew he belonged in theater.  His performances in Mr. Tyler's drama club were evidence of talent beyond anything expected in high school.  I just learned tonight as I read his profile about his Emmy nominations and his work in theater  and television.  I probably watched his St. Elsewhere episode - would love to read his plays.  it's good to know that he didn't waste his talent.

I remember telling him on graduation night that, before we were together in drama class (he the star, me a bit part player dodging other electives), that I thought he was a snob.  When he asked why, I explained that I thought he called himself "Faro P. Roman" - using his middle initial.  I thought he did it to feel superior to the rest of us peasants who ignored our middle initials.  If I did the same, I would have been Penny J. Trefry.  He roared.  Intelligent, funny, insightful, observant.  I'm sorry we lost touch. 

09/07/14 12:53 AM #2    

Susan Cratem (Killoran)

I never really knew him but what a loss for all of us.

09/07/14 05:56 PM #3    

Peter Raulerson

I hung out with Faro and a couple of other classmates who haven't been seen at previous reunions and aren't present in our class website. I remember him as a really bright, energetic, witty guy who was very creative and had a sly sense of humor. I remember laughing at Faro's whispered comments when a teacher said something silly -- I tried not to laugh too loud so we wouldn't attract attention -- this happened with Mr. Durant, a couple of the coaches and even Mr. Tyler. Faro's bio on Wikipedia shows how creative he really was. I miss him.

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