In Memory

Vicki Schaapveld (Burnett)

Vicki died on November 18, 2009, as the result of a horseback riding accident.   The suddenness and tragic circumstances of her death are truly difficult to comprehend, and I know many of her fellow classmates are among those who will never forget her, and who are grieving at the loss of such a sweet and loving friend. 

Personally, I am grateful that I had many opportunities to visit with her and was blessed by her friendship throughout the years.  I doubt many of us will forget the "New Girl" who joined us at Bishop Kenny, and certainly we all have wonderful stories to share.  

The greatest impression I have of those days when we were young, is of her loving family; her wonderful parents, and those 3 adorable younger sisters.  We were always welcome at the Schaapveld house and it was obviously a home filled with love and warmth and laughter.  

If you were with her for more than a few minutes, you heard her laughing.  She was always giggling about this or that, and you certainly did not want her around if you were being mischievous in class.  It was hard to be stealth if Vicki was around.  

As an adult, it was her marriage to Randy Burnett (Class of '68) that was indicative of her commitment, her love and her deep respect.  It was always a joy to be with them, and I will miss seeing her terribly.